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Breast Reconstruction Katy TX

For a woman facing a diagnosis of breast cancer, breast reconstruction is a personal and deeply rewarding aspect of her total breast care. More than anything, breast reconstruction is about restoring the hope that there is life after breast cancer.

At The Hand & Plastic Surgery Center of Katy, we take seriously the privilege to partner with women facing this difficult diagnosis. We will work as a key member of the multidisciplinary treatment team for your breast care, providing a comprehensive approach that includes various options for breast reconstruction.

Broadly speaking, breast reconstruction can be performed using an implant or the woman’s own tissue. In the United States today, implant-based reconstruction is the most popular alternative chosen by patients and surgeons. In this case, reconstruction can be performed in one or two stages, depending on certain criteria. For single stage reconstruction, a breast implant is placed at the time of mastectomy. For two stage reconstruction, a temporary expander implant is placed and then serially inflated in the postoperative period. After the desired volume is reached, the temporary expander is replaced with a permanent breast implant.

The second option for breast reconstruction involves using the patient’s own tissue to reconstruct the breast following mastectomy, termed autologous reconstruction. At The Hand & Plastic Surgery Center of Katy, our surgeons typically utilize the deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) free flap or the muscle-sparing transverse rectus abdominis muscle (msTRAM) free flap for autologous breast reconstruction. Using advanced microsurgical techniques, the DIEP and msTRAM procedures involve taking a portion of the skin and fatty tissue of the abdominal wall and transferring it to the chest. This tissue is then reshaped to mimic a natural looking breast. The resulting abdominal wall defect is closed like a tummy-tuck procedure.

Another option for patients undergoing breast conservation surgery or partial mastectomy is oncoplastic reconstruction. In this case, the remaining breast tissue is rearranged to reconstruct the shape of the breast.

With all of these options, additional procedures can be performed including fat grafting to improve the breast contour, nipple reconstruction, and symmetry procedures of the unaffected breast.

If you are facing a diagnosis of breast cancer, please call our office at 832-232-4263 to learn more about your treatment options. We will partner with you to determine whether breast reconstruction is right for you, and which option is best in your unique situation. Ultimately, our goal is to help restore the hope that there is life after breast cancer.

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