Put your hands,
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Office-Based Surgery

The Wide Awake Technique

Hand surgery is not heart surgery, so why go through the same amount of hassle?  Instead, why not experience safer, less painful, more convenient and less costly hand surgical care?

Our hand specialists utilize a revolutionary technique that allows surgery to be performed in the office or outpatient surgery center without the use of anesthesia.  Want to have minimal to no pain when your procedure is finished?  Want to walk out of the procedure room instead of being wheeled out?  Want to discuss your plan of care directly with the surgeon instead of relying on secondhand information from others after surgery?  Call our office today at 832-232-HAND (4263) to meet with one of our hand specialists and see if this method is right for you!


Indicated Procedures

Carpal tunnel surgery

Trigger finger release

Ganglion excision

Fracture reduction

Extensor tendon repair

DeQuervain’s release

And more!


Medical Advantages of the No-Anesthesia Technique

Less procedural pain than having an IV placed

No preoperative testing required

No fasting or change in medication schedule

No anesthesia side effects of amnesia, nausea, vomiting, or urinary retention

No recovery time, able to get up and walk out of the office

Improved patient-MD communication during and after surgery

Less preoperative anxiety

Less postoperative pain


Financial Advantages of the No-Anesthesia Technique

More affordable alternative for patients with high-deductible insurance plans

Patients with out-of-network plans may end up paying lessfor their surgical care

Makes surgery available for self-funded patients

If you want a convenient, more affordable alternative for your hand condition, call our office today at 832-232-HAND (4263) to schedule a consultation with one of our hand specialists.