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General Reconstruction Surgery in Katy, TX

A plastic surgeon is tasked with treating wounds and conditions over the entire body, and because of this, they must be skilled in general reconstruction techniques. At The Hand & Plastic Surgery Center of Katy, our board certified surgeons perform general reconstruction in Katy to treat multiple conditions within the scope of reconstructive plastic surgery, achieving harmony between function and aesthetics.

What Is General Reconstruction Surgery?

Wounds and soft tissue defects can develop from a variety of causes including trauma, cancer, birth defect, or other disease. The treatment required depends on multiple variables including the nature of the wound or defect, its location, and the goals for functional restoration. Our surgeons address a multitude of skin and soft tissue defects including nasal reconstruction, ear reconstruction, functional blepharoplasty and brow lift for visual field obstruction, as well as soft tissue coverage for major wounds associated with lower extremity trauma, cancer resections, and the like.

What’s the Difference Between Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery?

There is a major key difference between cosmetic and general reconstruction surgeries. Reconstructive procedures aim to treat defects, malformations, and injuries to restore function and form. Cosmetic surgery is instead performed to enhance the appearance of the face and body.

Reconstructive surgeries are medically necessary, and because of this, their cost is usually covered by insurance providers. Cosmetic surgeries are elective procedures, and so their cost is not covered.

Good Candidates for General Reconstruction

There are two types of ideal candidates for general reconstruction surgery: people with congenital defects and people with deformities due to life experiences.

Individuals with congenital defects, such as cleft palate or webbed fingers, can undergo reconstructive procedures to facilitate eating, breathe more easily, gain function in their hands, and more.

Patients who incurred injuries during an accident, underwent cancer resection surgery, or were compromised by infection may be recommended for general reconstruction surgery.

Your Consultation

A thorough physical examination will be performed during your consultation for general reconstruction procedures. Measurements may be taken and diagnostic tests may be requested for complete evaluation. An in-depth review of your medical history will be undertaken, along with a multidisciplinary assessment to confirm the necessity of the surgery.

It is of utmost importance that patients be in good overall health before their procedure, since this helps to prevent potential complications. Patients must not have underlying illness that could hinder proper healing from surgery.

Treatment Options for General Reconstruction

Depending on the deformity, injury, or defect, there are various techniques and procedures that can be performed to rebuild the tissue. Skin grafts may be used to close extensive wounds where a large portion of skin is missing or damaged. Grafting may be performed to replace damaged skin on areas like the head, arms, legs, and neck.

Flap surgery may also be used. Flap surgery is the transplantation of a section of skin and other tissue (such as muscle and fat) from one region of the body to another with an intact blood supply. Microsurgery is required in these cases and involves the use of an operating microscope to connect the blood vessels in the target area.

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