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Breast Reduction Katy TX

Women with disproportionately large breasts, termed macromastia, can suffer from significant health issues including chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain, skin rashes and infections, difficulty in exercise and physical activity, as well as problems with self-image and overall emotional health. Breast reduction is a procedure that can help alleviate these symptoms and provide a starting point for improved health and overall well-being. In fact, breast reduction surgery has one of the highest satisfaction rates of procedures performed by plastic surgeons today.

Reasons for Undergoing Breast Reduction Surgery

One of the most common issues associated with large and heavy breasts is back pain. They can affect spine curvature, resulting in upper back and neck pain while also making a negative impact on your posture. People who sit with poor posture for a long duration often experience back pain. But, for women with heavy breasts, this is even more painful.

In teenagers and younger women, self-esteem is another factor that might be affected by oversized breasts. They might feel self-conscious about their breast size and hunch over trying to hide it. When the breasts are large in comparison to the rest of the body, finding the right-sized clothes can be difficult. This is applicable to swimwear and intimate apparel as well. Most women don’t exercise without a high-quality, properly fitted sports bra. But, if you have heavy, oversized breasts, exercising comfortably, even with a bra, can be a struggle.

How Breast Reduction Surgery is Performed

The breast reduction procedure involves removing excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue while repositioning the nipple areolar complex and improving the overall shape and contour of the breast. While breast reduction surgery is oftentimes performed for functional reasons, our board certified plastic surgeons understand the importance of achieving a highly aesthetic result after surgery. Obtaining aesthetic and functional success in breast reduction surgery requires meticulous attention to detail and careful preoperative screening.

Recovering from Breast Reduction Surgery

There will be some swelling and bruising following breast reduction surgery. These issues will subside over the course elf your recovery. A special surgical bra will need to be worn to help manage swelling and provide support. Most patients will need around two weeks of recovery before they can resume most of their normal activities. Exercise and more physically demanding activity should be avoided for longer. Our team will provide you with post-operative instructions to ensure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

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