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Hand Nerve Inury KatyNerve injuries in Katy, TX, can be addressed to relieve symptoms and prevent permanent damage. Nerves are the electrical wiring that sends messages to and from the brain. The two primary functions of nerves are to provide sensation and cause muscles to contract and move. Nerve injuries of the upper extremity, whether by sharp laceration, compression, or other injuries, can cause numbness and weakness of the hand. If you are experiencing numbness or weakness that you think may be related to a nerve injury, please contact our office at 832-232-HAND (4263) to be evaluated by one of our hand specialists.

How Can Nerve Injuries Be Treated?

Nerves that have been completely lacerated do not heal on their own. In fact, some injured nerves form a very painful scar called a neuroma, which can be severely debilitating. For these reasons, complete nerve lacerations require microscopic surgical repair. Using the latest in advanced microsurgical techniques, Dr. Das performs precision nerve repair to facilitate the best chance for nerve recovery and regeneration.

Nerve compression is the most common nerve injury seen by hand surgeons and is the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome. Chronic pressure on a nerve chokes its blood supply and impairs both the strength and speed of the electrical messages that nerves send to and from the brain. This leads to the tingling, numbness, and weakness that patients experience with this type of nerve injury. At The Hand & Plastic Surgery Center of Katy, our hand specialists provide multiple options for addressing carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome. To learn more about carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome treatment in Katy, click here.

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Your Consultation

Your consultation will include a careful examination of the affected area. Signs and symptoms will be discussed thoroughly for an initial assessment of your nerve injuries. A review of your medical history will be performed. Additional tests may be requested to aid in accurate diagnosis.


There are different ways to determine if you have nerve injuries. Electromyography uses a thin needle to record muscle activity; reduced activity could mean nerve damage. Another option, a nerve conduction study, involves placement of electrodes at different points on the body. This measures how well signals travel between the nerves.

Imaging tests like MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and ultrasound tests produce detailed images of the affected areas. This high-definition imagery will help Dr. Das determine the severity of the nerve injuries.

Treatment of Nerve Injuries

Nerve injuries do not always involve surgical treatment. Injured nerves that are not completely severed may heal over a period of time. However, it may take several months or even years to fully heal. Resting, braces, splints, and physical therapy can help treat damaged nerves.

If the nerve is cut, surgery is necessary to attach the endings. If there is a space between the torn ends, a nerve graft may be done to connect the nerve. Depending on the severity and type of nerve injury, Dr. Das will employ the best technique to treat the damage.

Recovery and Healing

Recovery after treatment for nerve injuries can depend on the severity of the condition. Nerves heal slowly, and cut nerves only start to regenerate several weeks after your surgery. If you have undergone surgery, you will need to rest for a couple of weeks. Function and mobility can take months to a year or more to be restored.

Nerve Injuries Repair Cost

The total cost of nerve injuries repair is determined based on the type of treatment used. The exact techniques used will also impact cost, as will the total time needed to perform the treatment.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about the treatment of nerve injuries in Katy, contact us and schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Das.

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