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Pediatric Hand Injuries & Anomalies Katy TX

From birth to adolescence, children frequently experience trauma known as pediatric hand injuries. One of the first things a new parent will do is count the number of fingers and toes on their newborn baby; one of the last things a parent wants to see is their child sustain a significant injury.

Hand Trauma

Between developmental anomalies and traumatic injuries, trauma is by far the most common reason for children to need evaluation by a hand specialist. Perhaps your toddler’s finger was smashed in a door, or your teenager injured her hand playing sports. Whatever the case, children and young adults commonly injure their hands.

At The Hand & Plastic Surgery Center of Katy, Dr. Das is fellowship-trained hand surgeons experienced in treating a wide range of pediatric hand problems. They will ensure that your child receives excellent care for their injury in a safe and thoughtful manner.

Developmental Anomalies

While less common, developmental anomalies of the hand remain a significant cause of stress and concern for parents of affected children. Normal hand development in utero is an exceedingly complex process; any subtle deviation in that process can lead to atypical variations in hand formation.

The most common variations seen clinically include extra digits (polydactyly), webbed digits (syndactyly), a poorly developed thumb, and constricting bands around the digits. Other rare variants exist as well.

At The Hand & Plastic Surgery Center of Katy, Dr. Das will assess your child’s hand abnormality to determine the safest, most appropriate plan of care. In some cases, that may mean close observation as the child matures. In other cases, that may mean surgical intervention either in the first few months or first few years of life.

Depending on the specific variation, they will fully discuss with you the condition and the optimal course of treatment to provide your child the safest means to having a functional, normal-appearing hand.

Cost of Repairing Pediatric Hand Injuries

The cost of repairing trauma to the hand depends on what kind of pediatric hand injury your child or teen has. During your child’s consultation with Dr. Das, you can ask about the price of treatment or surgery, and they will give you an estimate.

Schedule Your Child’s Consultation Today

If your child has a condition that requires hand specialist consultation, please call our office at 832-232-HAND (4263) to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Das. Dr. Das is a highly acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeons in the Katy, Texas area and will gladly answer any questions you may have about pediatric hand injuries.

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