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Tendon Injuries Katy TX

Tendons are the cord-like structures that connect the muscles of the forearm to the bones in your hand and fingers, allowing movement across your joints. Tendon injuries typically occur on the palmar surface of the fingers, on the back of the hand, or on the forearm. Unfortunately, a simple skin laceration is not simple when a tendon is involved. Tendons do not heal on their own, and therefore lacerations to the tendons almost always require surgery for repair.

Tendon repair must be performed within 1-2 weeks after injury. Delays in repair dramatically increase the complexity of the injury and require multi-stage tendon reconstruction. Inevitably, these cases lead to sub-optimal results. It is critical then that individuals with tendon injuries seek prompt evaluation by a hand specialist. If you have sustained a tendon injury to your fingers, hand, or forearm please call our office today at 832-232-HAND (4263) to be evaluated by Dr. Das or Dr. Stephenson.

To achieve the best possible result following tendon repair, early surgical repair and a vigorous rehabilitation program is required. Dr. Das and Dr. Stephenson utilize Certified Hand Therapists to assist you in your recovery. This process can take several months and requires a dedicated patient in order to achieve a successful outcome. Sometimes, additional procedures may be required to address scarring or functional limitations.

Regardless of the severity or timing of your injury, Dr. Das and Dr. Stephenson will partner with you to ensure the best possible outcome after your tendon injury.

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