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Tendon Injuries in the Hand Katy

Published on June 28, 2019

The structures that connect the muscles of the forearm to the bones in the hand and fingers, which facilitate the movement across the joins, are tendons. This key, cord-like structure may suffer injury on the palmar surface of the fingers, in the forearm, or back of the hand and these injuries can be devastating, especially if untreated because tendons, unlike simple skin lacerations, do not heal themselves. When a tendon is injured, a surgical repair is almost always required.

It is imperative that tendon repair surgery be completed within a couple weeks of the injury. When there is a delay in repairing this type of injury, we see a substantial increase in the complexity of the injury that will require much more complicated tendon reconstruction. If you need a tendon repair or have questions about a potential tendon injury, contact our office today at 832-232-HAND (4263) to be evaluated by Dr. Das.