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Correcting a Hand Neuroma Caused by a Laceration

Published on August 25, 2017

Trauma to the hands by laceration can cause significant nerve damage. Nerve damage can create a feeling of weakness and numbness in the hand as well as significant pain. If the laceration is severe, the entire nerve can be severed, which can result in the formation of a painful neuroma.

A neuroma is a mass of scar tissue that can form on the nerve following a deep laceration. A neuroma can be a very painful and debilitating physical issue that hinders your hands’ ability to properly function.

Because of this, hand neuromas need to be evaluated and addressed immediately. Individuals who develop a painful neuroma in their hands will need to undergo nerve repair surgery using microsurgical techniques.

At The Hand and Plastic Surgery Center of Katy, our expert hand surgeons can provide you with the specialized care you need. They will use extreme precision while correcting your neuroma to ensure that they restore the function of your hand without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue. Contact us to schedule a consultation.